Local has collaborated with a select team of creative and intelligent women over the last two years! It would not exist without the following boss babes:


Graphic Designer:

Giovanna Valencia is based in Mexico City. Giovanna created the original logo and has revamped the entire branding. We are still gawking over all of the recycled paper goods she created!

Web Designer:

Christie Bastia is based in Orange County. Christie has connected all the dots for a stunning and streamline user experience. She is the most tech savvy and you would not be here if it wasn't for her skills! 

Professional photographer:

Liv Shaw is based in Haiku, Maui. Liv has a keen talent for using natural light and capturing her subjects in the most effortless way. We are over the moon with the images she captured on a remote beach on Maui. 


Alley Riggio is based on Maui. Liv and I were fortunate enough to have Alley cross our path when we were on our first model search. Alley is a natural beauty and her confident demeanor resonates with our brand.


Hilda Anderson & Yoyis De Laredo

Previous to the pandemic I did all of the buying while visiting my parents in Mexico. Now with stricter borders rules I have been lucky enough to have the help from the best mom I could've asked for! Additionally, with the help from a long time family friend, Yoyis, who knows the local artists like no other we are able to get our collection of pieces to you.