Hey I'm Car!
I'm a Southern California native, born in Santa Ana and raised in Irvine. I am a surfer, swimmer and sailor. This trifecta has made me a huge advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle from a very young age.
I grew up exploring the west coast of Mexico on family surf trips where I learned to find treasures that were adorned with the history of one of my cultures. Sustainability is a way of survival where my ancestors are from and the indigenous fashion is rooted in upcycling what you have or creating something from what the land has given you.
Local is pure to its small batch creations. The artisans I work with take pride on creating their pieces by hand with the utmost care. The beauty behind the goods I share with you is that it they are untreated with harsh chemicals or dyes and almost all of our pieces are 100% biodegradable. When handled with love, each piece can last you your lifetime!
Thank you for supporting this small woman of color owned business!